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Getting to Know Yourself: Keys to Overcoming Insecurity

The greatest kryptonite of relational depth is insecurity. In romantic relationships, insecurities can cause a couple to spend hours, days, and even years circling back to issues that seem to never go away. In friendships, insecurities assume the worst rather than believe the best. In marriages, insecurities can cause one partner to shut down, another to be jealous and a marriage to fall apart. In our relationship with God, insecurity minimizes us to a form of godliness. It is imperative that a healthy individual get to know themselves, become sold out to the belief that God made you that way on purpose, and then love what God created. So here are some practical steps to becoming more secure in who you are…

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When Rejection Tries To Own Us

Most of us have had our heart broken at some point in our life. Most of us have felt rejected or discarded by someone. It’s extremely painful and no one enjoys the feeling of “not being chosen.” So how do we deal with that rejection? How do we not believe the lie that we are “less than” or “not as good as” that other girl or guy who was chosen? I know this pain more than I’d like to admit. I faced one of the biggest rejections of my life when my husband chose to give his heart to somebody else…

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Finding Faith Amid Pop-Culture's Storyline

We and all of our friends who have once identified as LGBTQ or experienced any kind of confusion in our sexuality regard films like Boy Erased, with pain and frustration, knowing its scenario is not God’s heart for people. We know his pain first hand. Rejection and misunderstanding while walking out your faith are painful, especially when you question your sexuality. Fearing this, many in church stay hidden.

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