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Michelle Goff   Global Development Pastor

Michelle Goff
Global Development Pastor

We are so humbled to have people come alongside and join us in helping shift the way culture views sexuality. So excited about this and what could happen!! We are currently building the global development department to create teams to translate into their language. For that reason Michelle Goff is on the team. She is Swiss.

We’re so grateful for your willingness and desire to help and disciple the nations with healthy sexuality. Our goal is first to direct people to blog posts because they are easiest to share and have the best longevity in impact. We also will start with an Instagram account.

The next languages will be German followed by Spanish!

We already launched the Portuguese website and instagram page. You can find it here.

Instagram: @RevoluçãoMoral
Join the Portuguese Team

Future languages we will do are German, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian and French. If you speak one of these languages please follow the Next Steps. If you are interested in translating an other language, please fill click “other language” button below. We will contact you about a potential translations but we can’t promise to translate all languages.

I’m Interested in Translating


Next Steps To TransLating

If you interested in translating German, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian or French, please follow the next steps listed below.


Read our brand guidelines.

Our brand guidelines explain how and why we say everything. As you can imagine, purity is a very sensitive topic and one that is often shamed, twisted, controlled or used to manipulate people. Our goal is to celebrate how God created it, help people who have either made bad choices or had bad choices done to them get healing, and walk out powerful, healthy, victorious sexuality. Also we want to help people to help people make good decisions early on to live out their purity in the long run.


Choose a blog and translate it.

Go to our blog and find an article you think would be post helpful for your culture and translate it according to our brand guidelines.


Submit Your Translation

Next, please fill out this form with your contact information and upload your translated document for review.


Translation Reviewed

After we receive your translation, we will have some of our trusted friends double check your work. As you know with translation, it’s not just word-for-word but the translating the heart of the content as well. You can also imagine how sensitive a topic like sexuality can be and how it can be accidentally misrepresented. Which is why we check all translations.

Our next steps are developing language based teams. German and Spanish are our next teams. Our goal is to respond to our submissions in accordance with the upcoming languages.

Portuguese Translation: Response time as soon as possible as we are currently developing this team
German Translation:
Response time as soon as possible as we are currently developing this team
Spanish Translation: Response time will be by January 2020 at the latest.
Chinese, Arabic, Russian and French Translation: we will be contacting you with more information Spring 2020.


We look forward to hearing from you and reading your blog posts! And thank you for your interest!