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The Hidden Truth Behind Manhood: Finding Freedom From Our Hiddenness

I have discovered that universally, as humans, our greatest desire is to feel seen and heard, or ultimately, “known”. When a part of us is lost in hiddenness, then we can never be fully known, and without being known, we can’t feel fully loved. It’s when we bravely step out of the darkness where we’ve been trapped by self-judgment that we pave a way for love to get in and defeat the lies that keep us feeling separated from God, life, family and friends.

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Celebrating Your First Christmas Alone... Again

Being single in the holidays can be hard for many people. This can be especially difficult for those that have just suffered a loss, a divorce, or have children that are away with their ex-spouse. I know this scenario full well. The traditions that you created over the years have to be tossed out or re-adapted.  Your home feels emptier and the loss feels greater particularly on Christmas day.

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