Gaining positive movement in your sexuality

Moral Revolution Coaching provides and opportunity for one-on-one coaching. We have found that many times an outside perspective on our situation can be tremendously powerful. At Moral Revolution we are strong advocates for counseling and our coaching team DOES NOT satisfy that need for those who require it. We are however, a great first step to help individuals begin to walk out wholeness through relationship with someone who has experienced freedom. Each coaching session is a 45-minute video chats with the selected coach.

Marriage & Pre-Marriage

Marriage & Pre-Marriage Coaching

What to Expect

Failed expectations don’t have to lead to failed marriages. MR marriage coaching is designed to help strengthen your marriage. It can be all too easy to allow small things to grow into large, painful barriers that prevent intimacy. Our marriage coaches will help guide couples to a place of healthy communication and a deeper level of connection. We will cover topics like sex, communication, getting your needs met, keeping the flame going, co-parenting vs. living in love and many more. Our hope is that through these sessions you will discover powerful personal insights that will help strengthen your marriage to thrive for decades to come.



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Ministry Coaching

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Leading a ministry in our current cultural climate can be overwhelming and intimidating. Just the weight of people’s lives has buried leaders. Add to the equation a culture that is very sexually confused, and it can be easy to freeze in fear. Our hope is to help pastors tackle very challenging situations that arise while leading from a place of love. We accomplish this through three very clear avenues: individual pastoral coaching, leadership team training, or addressing specific situations. In each of these areas, we will assess what is needed and bring the necessary research as well as biblical insight to help find powerful solutions that demonstrate God’s love for humanity and His commitment to not leave us how He found us.


Parenting Sexuality Coaching

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Have you ever heard the quote, “My kids are making it hard to be the parent I always knew I would be”? Parenting is without equal when it comes to being underqualified for something that is thrust upon us. As overwhelming as it feels at times, we believe that you are likely doing much better than you realize. God has given you everything you need to parent really well, and we want to help you discover His perfect plan for your family. Through our parent coaching, we will teach how to create an open environment for communication, how to address sexuality at various ages, what to do with high-alert situations and most of all, how to rely on the Holy Spirit to lead your family.




Identity Coaching

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Having a clear view of one’s self is the foundation to healthy sexuality. A.W. Tozer said, “Excessive need from without is proof of bankruptcy within.” Identity coaching has one very simple and clear goal: help people identify who God has called them to be. Finding our place in the world can be a life-long journey, but it doesn’t have to be. God is good and knows the plans He has for you. Because of this,  you can trust He wants to reveal those plans to you. The discovery of your calling starts with seeing yourself as a son or daughter. Our identity coaches will walk with you on a journey of personal discovery to identify who you are and help you love that person.

Porn & Masturbation

Freedom from Pornography & Masturbation Coaching

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Pornography is a powerful vehicle used to strip us of our ability to be intimate. Science Magazine reported, “In marriage, divorce rates double when people start looking at porn.” Whether it’s inside or outside of marriage, we are beginning to discover damaging effects to the human brain as well as relational capacity due to porn use. For someone who is currently engaged in pornography use, these statements and facts aren’t needed because you likely know firsthand the damage it causes We want to help you find freedom. We have coaches who have walked out of pornography themselves as well as led others out of it. We believe freedom is possible and we want to come alongside you as you fight for it in your own life.

LGBTQ & Gender Dysphoria

LGBTQ & Gender Dysphoria Coaching

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You’re looking for someone safe, who understands what it’s like to experience same sex attraction or to not feel comfortable in your gender. Both Ken Williams and Elizabeth Woning have been there. God is reaching into the lives of men and women with this experience to bring wholeness and resolution. Both Ken and Elizabeth have come out of homosexuality and mentor men and women into a deeper relationship with God, who has answers and a path to freedom.