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We are a team of passionate individuals who are called to promote God’s original design for sexuality.



Our vision is to see a revolutionary shift in the way every individual understands, values and stewards purity and morality. This shift will help establish the safest, healthiest and purest generation that has ever walked the face of the earth. It is these individuals who embrace this divine wisdom that will break unhealthy mindsets, free mankind to value purity, honor marriage and empower wholeness in every family.

Healthy Sexuality


We envision a society that celebrates true femininity and masculinity, lives from virtues and protects the pre-born. We dream of a world where there is no sexually transmitted disease, and where poverty and single-parent homes are a thing of the past. We imagine a planet where child abuse, pornography, prostitution and sex slavery are archaic, urban legends…a culture where every orphan is placed in a healthy home, and a world where righteous men and women lead every realm of society. This is the only kind of revolution that will restore the human race back to its God-given identity, dignity and purpose.



We believe God has given us the principles we need to live happy, healthy and holy lives. Our mission is to see these values taught, understood and embraced by every individual in the world. Therefore, we provide resources that equip and empower society with these divine principles so that everyone has the opportunity to live in wholeness.

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what we do

We have developed resources that will help to initiate and shape conversations about morality and sexuality. Our goal in helping people to initiate these discussions is to alleviate the shame that is often attached to sexuality, and equip people to have informed, open and honest dialogues that ultimately lead to healing and wholeness. These resources include books, manuals, journals, courses, teachings, media and live events.