From the first date, to a ring... or a pint of ice cream… we get it.

Whether you call it dating, courting, getting to know someone, or pursuing a possible future - we don’t think the process should be difficult. Our goal is to help you walk through the stages of dating with honor, passion, and desire from the first date to the first kiss as husband and wife… and maybe a few rejections in between. Either way, we’ll be walking side by side with you the entire journey.

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the naked truth about sexuality

God is the author of sex. Since Adam and Eve left the Garden, mankind has been trying to understand and define what healthy sexuality looks like. This shame-free, hope filled, entertaining and informative resource will answer your questions about sexuality, including: 

• What does God have to say about sex? 
• Why did God give us a sex drive? 
• Where is the line? 
• Why is porn so addictive? 
• How does sex affect us: body, soul, and spirit?
• Why do we feel so attached to the people we’ve been physically involved with?
• What do we need to have healthy & vibrant sex lives?

The Naked Truth About Sexuality is a practical, biblical guide to understanding God’s original design for sexuality.