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Three Steps to Teach Your Sex Drive to See

“You are not a victim to what you see. You are powerful and capable of teaching your sex drive how to see. In today’s culture, it could be easy to be desensitized by perverse images and people being turned into objects of pleasure rather than people of value to be honored. You have the power to teach yourself how to see people as children of God. Here’s a few steps for a good start…”

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7 Things Every Spouse Of A Sex Addict Should Know

Sexual addiction is very complex. There are several underlying issues that contribute to this problem. There are also unique issues that a spouse faces when sexual addiction is suspected and/or revealed. As a spouse of a sex addict, it is imperative that you understand your role in the recovery process. Here are 7 helpful things every spouse should know about sex addiction.

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The Truth About How Secret Sin Can Impact A Whole Family

Pornography is a serial killer! It violates your soul, destroys your relationships, and derails your future. Many people who are stuck in porn (and other secret sin) don’t realize the painful effect that it has on their family and children. In 1 Corinthians 7:14, the Bible says that one believing parent sanctifies the home. This truth can work the other way around and a parent can open the door to demonic activity for their whole family.

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