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Navigating Homosexuality

Special Leadership Free Webinar

Oct 14 & 21st - 12pm PST


Sexuality is not just a youth topic, it’s a family topic. While everyone is talking, we cannot be silent any longer. Let’s fix this silence together.

Historically, the church has not been the best at talking honestly and openly about sex and sexuality. We’ve relegated most of our talks to youth talks in February, but it’s time to move past that. Our congregations are influenced daily by social media and without hearing biblical perspectives on sex and sexuality, how else will they know? God designed it. He’s for it. He has the plan for it, how can break the silence and share with our congregations.

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sex. church. culture. masterclass

Sex. Church. Culture. Masterclass is a live 10-week course designed to help church leadership teams identify their beliefs about sexuality, create a healthy sexual culture within their church and find the language to clearly communicate their beliefs. We are all aware of the many challenges that face the church as we navigate all things sexual. How do we combat porn? How do we protect our kids? What about the LGBT community? The questions go on and on. The goal of SCC Masterclass is to not just help pastors find the answers to these questions but also to move from surviving these topics to leading from victory. The church was meant for much more than sexual damage control and together we will discover how to create healthy thriving environments that foster strong families and biblical truth.

Weekly Sessions

Week 1 - Foundations with Cole Zick
Week 2 - Response to Failure with Jason Vallotton
Week 3 -  Build people not crowds with Jason Vallotton 
Week 4 - Divorce, Cohabiting, Porn with Dann Farrelly
Week 5 - Pulpit or Private with Candace & Eric Johnson

Week 6 - Love and the Line (LGBTQ) with Ken Williams and Elizabeth Woning
Week 7 - LGBTQ Practicals with Ken Williams and Elizabeth Woning
Week 8 - Kids with Tom Crandall
Week 9 - Marriages with Danny and Sheri Silk
Week 10 - Culture Builder With Kris Vallotton


sex. church. culture. intensive.

leading in a hyper-sexualized world

Leading in our hyper-sexualized culture can be overwhelming and intimidating. Rather than gaining clarity, our society seems to be sprinting towards confusion. The purpose of Sex. Church. Culture. is to unpack the balance of biblical truth and while still walking in grace. We will tackle topics such as LGBTQ, sex education, church staff dynamics, porn, moral failures, building families and more in this one-day intensive we’ve turned into an e-course on sexuality and leadership.


let’s talk about it: sexuality


“Don’t do it” or “it’s not that big a deal” may be the only messages you’ve heard about sex. God has a lot more to say about it. We talk about all the things you’ve never heard talked about in church. God created sex, He’s not ashamed of it, and He has an intentional design.

This e-course is a complete 6 week course designed to help you transform your community's view and understanding of a healthy sexuality. Each video session is approximately 40 minutes in length and comes with a leaders guide and student guides.

1. Sex & God
2. Sex & Identity
3. Sex & The Body Pt. 1
4. Sex & The Body Pt. 2
5. Sex & Restoration
6. Sex & Covenant


let’s talk about it: parenting sexuality

There are a lot of places child can hear about sex. We think the best place is from their empowered parents.

We believe parents are the best person to talk to their kids about sex. We want them to be the one who shapes their child’s view of themselves, God, and their sexuality. We talk about how to answer the difficult questions and how to start a conversation that continues on and ultimately leads them into a healthy, whole life. This e-course features focused content for parents of 2-11 year olds and 12-18 year olds.


1. Session 1: Creating Healthy Families
2. Session 2: Raising Your Children With Biblical Principles
3. Session 3: Structured vs. Spontaneous Moments
4. Session 4: The Purpose of Sex
5. Session 5: The Science of Sex
6. Session 6: 5 Key Areas of Development

7. Q & A Panels
8. Loving On Purpose Interviews
9. + Hot Topic Videos
10. + Bonus Material
11. + Audio Downloads