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The Redemptive Silver Lining of the Sexual Revolution

Over centuries the stigma and shame associated with sex has caused a lot of destruction inside and outside churches. From abortion to divorce to gender transition, shame around sexuality has impacted America. Our self-made effort to bring resolution, the Sexual Revolution, has hardly been the salve we had hoped. Its fruit is the whole-scale breakdown of family and sexual accountability that we see today in our Tinder and porn driven culture. Yet the silver lining of the Sexual Revolution may very well be our willingness to see and say all things sexual utterly shamelessly. In the end, our ability to be transparent and vulnerable about our sexuality and its formation could very well be an answer to prayer.

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The Lesbian in the Mirror

You’re sitting in a new small group circle when you look across and see an attractive woman. You notice her hair, her posture, her demeanor and then suddenly there’s the pull. No one else takes your attention, but you feel from deep within this drawing. There’s a stirring inside. You quickly look away. What is going on? Are you having an experience of same sex attraction? Could it be that you are really a lesbian after all?

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Finding Faith Amid Pop-Culture's Storyline

We and all of our friends who have once identified as LGBTQ or experienced any kind of confusion in our sexuality regard films like Boy Erased, with pain and frustration, knowing its scenario is not God’s heart for people. We know his pain first hand. Rejection and misunderstanding while walking out your faith are painful, especially when you question your sexuality. Fearing this, many in church stay hidden.

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