Opportunities for Victims of Sex Trafficking



Sex Trafficking. The ripple effect is so wide spread that it can be difficult to find a part to play in the abolition of the slave trade. One looks at the approx 27 million men, women and children around the world that have been trafficked and can easily feel helpless and intimidated. The great news is that there are plenty of reputable NGOs and agencies that are on the front lines in theses countries and cities ready to house and rehabilitate people who have escaped the horror as well as working at stopping the cycle before it begins.

There are also social businesses and non-profits that are cropping up all over the world providing education, training, and helping create opportunities for these survivors to generate income. Many of these organizations have high quality, stylish merchandise to sell. The key to keeping women out of prostitution is education and opportunity for income. If survivors can make money then they are less likely to fall prey to traffic predators.

If you’re looking to make a difference in the world, then one fun way is to go online and shop for all your gift needs at some of our favorite spots! You can buy pyjamas, wallets, jewellery and bags by women learning to support themselves with dignity in India, Southeast Asia and even America (yes, even America). Buying from these organisations means that there are young ladies around the world who will go to bed safely tonight and wake in order to earn a living for themselves.

Here are some of our favorite places (alerted to us by Conscious online magazine) to shop for gifts - all items are created and sold by girls who have either been rescued from prostitution or are at high-risk of being brought into it if they aren’t given other options:

01 | PUNJAMMIES™: Cutest pajamas and loungewear ever, made by women in India who have been rescued from forced prostitution.  Current, bright fabrics in a variety of styles!

02 | MULXIPLY: Modern and stylish bags and wallets made by at-risk women in Nepal.  Fair Trade, eco-friendly and sourced with fabrics from the area in which they are made; what’s not to love!

03 | GOOD PAPER: - A fantastic fun and quippy card company who’s card makers are women who have escaped Sex trafficking in the Philippines.

04 | KWAGALA PROJECT: Colorful beaded jewelry created by women learning a trade in Uganda.

05 | SARI BARI: Beautiful blankets, bedding and throws sewn out of vintage sari material.  Made by women either vulnerable to trafficking or rescued from it.  Each item bears the name of the women who made it.  Great for gifts or the quick bedroom update!

06 | MALIA DESIGNS: Fair-trade bags, wallets and purses made by disadvantaged people in Cambodia.  Many are made out of repurposed cement bags.  In addition, Malia donates to human-trafficking organizations in Southeast Asia.

07 | FREESET: Fair-trade, eco-friendly jute bags and organic t-shirts made by survivors in Kolkata, India.

08 | isanctuary: Hip, current jewelry made by trafficking survivors in Mumbai, India and processed and shipped by survivors in Orange County, California.  We love that iSanctuary is working both locally and globally to provide income and dignity to survivors.

It is our hope that people begin to prioritise gift purchases from businesses like these that are making a real difference in the lives of so many families.

-- Aimee Greig (Intern)