How Do I Prepare For A Breakup?



I am in a year and a half long relationship and it is getting worse by the day. To prepare myself for a breakup, how can I prepare my body for it (lowering vasopressin or any bonding hormone that was released to bond me to my girlfriend)?



Hormones do play a role in bonding (vasopressin, oxytocin, testosterone, and so forth), but relationships in a tailspin and the grief of loss are more than this or that chemical going up or down. Unfortunately, there is going to be pain – sad, raw, and unavoidable.

How do you prepare your body? Eat well and regularly; hydrate consistently; get plenty of rest; exercise; spend quality time talking and hanging out with emotionally and spiritually healthy friends; prioritize the things in your life that matter and cut way back on non-essentials; say no to new duties or dating right now (you’ll be on the rebound and a set up for bad choices); and focus well on your relationship with God. In fact, bring it all to God just as it is and as you are. As Sy Rogers likes to say, bring your dirt to God and do so quickly. I wish you well as you go through this valley.