Diary of a Wingman



Let's face it. If you're a guy, with friends, you've probably been a wing man. I'm not saying it's the best position to be in. In fact, most of us hope that because we involuntarily give this service to our tactless male friends, someday we will be paid back in return. Someday, when low-and-behold we catch the eye of a beautiful damsel surrounded by her feminine posse, a wing man could come to our aid. I mean, every super hero has their side-kick, right? That's the thing, we all want to sweep a girl off her feet. We all want the perfect hair, the perfect smile, and the right words to say, but unfortunately most of us have just about as much game as a three year-old playing Yahtzee. We role the dice and seldom find connection or acceptance.

The worst part is, I don't think women understand how hard it is to "man-up". They sit in their towers surrounded by walls, thorns, and trenches and expect some grade-A athlete to come waltzing into their domain. Someone, who is worthy of their hand when I don't even think the Lord could do it! Sadly, even though a man knows he can't do it alone it doesn't keep him from trying. Then comes the all too expected pang of rejection.

Thoughts come to mind like: "Why did I even try? She was way out of my league." And, "I'll never have what it takes." Then we slink away to lick up our wounds for the next time we step out, and quite possibly get rejected again.

But what if there was someone with you? What if someone could give you a boost, cut through the thicket alongside you, and help you scale the tower. All the while, being unselfishly resourceful, and having no particular interest in your prize. A Jonathan to your David.

The problem is the prize, what is it? Is it just another uncalled number to stroke your ego, or a notch in the old belt?


The prize is connection. That the damsel knows you by name, and is inspired by your effort. That you get to know her desires and dreams, without being too much of a creep, in the simple hopes that you might find feintest form of compatibility. That some guy, who just so happened to be in the same room at the same time, made it into her heart. That's what we strive for, as a man, and a wing man nonetheless.

- Victor Morales (Intern)