Blue Balls



I've given up on masturbation, however, throughout daily life there are things that will arouse me and I eliminate those thoughts as soon as they come so I do not fall into lust. However, I'm now dealing with the "blue balls" problem. How do I treat this problem?



In a phrase, this too shall pass. "Blue balls" results from pelvic vessels engorging with blood (vasocongestion), causing not only an erection, but also plumping up testicles, prostate, seminal vesicles, and so forth. The swelling can turn uncomfortable, especially if your body has been trained to expect quick relief through ejaculation (be that through masturbation or sex). The good news is that it – the engorgement pain -- doesn’t last all that long, you’ll have less of it over time, and this too shall pass. Also, our bodies may or may not unload with a nocturnal emission, aka, a wet dream. By the way, this same process can also happen in women and causes vaginal pain, but no catchy phrase for it has caught on quite yet.