We are so humbled to have people come alongside and join us in helping shift the way culture views sexuality. So excited about this and what could happen!! We’re still in the shallow end of this translation project and we’re trying to find the best way to get information accurately translated to the masses in the best way possible. We’re so grateful for your willingness and desire to help and disciple the nations with healthy sexuality. Our goal is first to direct people to blog posts because they are easiest to share and have the best longevity in impact.

Our game plan is to slowly expand our services with some checks along the way to make sure we’re staying on course. Here’s our process so far:

  1. Please read our brand guidelines attached here. This explains how and why we say everything. As you can imagine, purity is a topic the devil loves to use shame to deter and manipulate people. Our goal is to celebrate how God created it, help people who have either made bad choices or had bad choices done to them get healing, and walk out powerful, healthy, victorious sexuality. You can read our brand guidelines for more information on that. 

  2. Go to our blog page and find the article you think would be post helpful for your culture and translate it. When you’re done, you can send it to translation@moralrevolution.com.

  3. After we receive your translation, we will have some of our trusted local friends double check your work. As you know with translation, it’s not just word-for-word but the translating the heart of the content as well. You can also imagine how sensitive a topic like sexuality can be and how it can be misrepresented easily.

  4. Depending upon the language and the amount of people translating that language, we’ll then pair you with a team of same-language speakers or have you start your own team. The Moral team will partner with your language team to help determine what blogs, social media content, or books should be focused on and published next.

  5. We take the newly translated material and post it, publish it, share it, spread it, and change the world together.

If you’d still like to be a part, please follow the first two steps and we’ll be in touch after that. Once again, thank you so much for all of your help and willingness to see your culture impacted with healthy sexuality! We look forward to hearing from you and reading your blog posts!

UPDATE: We’re currently in the process of bringing on a Global Development Pastor to oversee all of translations! She’ll start this summer! Go ahead and submit your articles and she’ll get back to you later this summer with more information on the next steps! Thanks for your willingness and patience!