Marriage is God’s chosen mechanism for ultimate intimacy with another person. sex is a powerful force to help bond husband and wife.

We are passionate about a few things at Moral Revolution and one of them is that marriage and sex go together. In many places, talking about sex is limited to telling kids to wait until they are married. The problem with shrinking sex to a conversation centered around “don’t” is that we create internal conflict with how to view it. In addition to the mixed message, many marriages fit the stereotype of, “Men can’t get enough and women just tolerate it.”

It is our desire at MR to forge a new reality for sex and marriage. Marriage is God’s chosen mechanism for ultimate intimacy with another person. He’s created sex to be a powerful force in bonding husband and wife. We want to see healthy, powerful marriages that are deeply connected. We believe that great sex is a key component of that connection. Through vulnerable conversations, we will encourage strong marriages to enjoy powerful sexual fulfillment. We believe this reality is a thing of the present and future, not the past!

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Love After Marriage

God intends marriages to be filled with love. Why are so many faltering with distrust, anger and contempt? Using the book's proven strategies, based on the successful Love After Marriage workshops, couples can bring an atmosphere of loving transparency and vulnerability into their relationship—a beautiful God-designed intimacy that can last throughout their life together. Couples will find clear teaching on God's perspective of marriage, as well as methods for listening to the Holy Spirit and tools to develop the breakthroughs the Spirit brings to their marriage.