It’s important to set a plan early on for how you’re going to walk out purity. Why? Because when you and your special someone are in the car late at night with R&B music playing in the background, that is not the time to come up with a plan. Any plan you come up with at that point will not be good. Decide where your boundaries are ahead of time. We’re not going to set solid rules for you, but think about the situations that are going make it easy or tempting to compromise, and decide that you’re not going to put yourself in those situations.

Here’s a bonus tip for setting boundaries in a relationship: set standards you and the other person both agree on. If you’re fine with kissing but the other person doesn’t feel okay with it yet, guess what? You probably shouldn’t be kissing. The goal is not to see how far the other person will go for you. The goal is to value them by respecting their boundaries and making them feel safe.

If you’re stuck in a behavior and you’re trying to get free, you might have to get really practical and make yourself some guidelines. If you fall into looking at things on your laptop or phone late at night, then you can put them in another room after a certain time. There are also online tools to help you out with this like the website covenanteyes.com. If certain books or TV shows are sending your thought life into a spiral, pick another TV show. You may feel silly, but you’re not. What’s silly is finding yourself stuck in the same patterns year after year when you could have gotten free by taking a few steps.

Our challenge for you today is to start to come up with a plan for how you’re going to walk out purity. What steps are you going to take to steward your sexuality? Write it down, talk to someone about it, whatever you need to do to give yourself accountability.

We love you, we believe in you, and we’re praying for you as you plan out what you need to live out your healthiest life possible.

The Moral Revolution Team