God wants to put His nature on display in our families and in our purity.
— Havilah Cunnington

We are so excited you signed up to hear more from Moral Revolution! Over the next few days we want to share who we are and some of the things that have helped us walk out purity and healthy sexuality. We believe God has an incredible call on your life, and we want you to be healthy and free so that you can walk in all He has for you.

We have some good news. God’s not embarrassed about sex; He created it. God’s not mad at you for having a sex drive. In fact, it was His idea to give you one. Our job is to steward what He gave us by living lives of freedom and purity. Our team is convinced that we don’t have to hold onto our purity for dear life, sliding into the wedding night with it barely in tact. There are tools to help us live this out beautifully and powerfully.

If you feel powerless in this area, or like all you do is make mistakes no matter what you try, then we want to help. We believe complete freedom is possible for anyone. It may not be easy, it may take work, but it is possible. No matter what your past looks like, it’s possible. The day you asked Jesus to come into your life was the day you were called to become a carrier of purity and freedom.

If you feel like you’re already doing great in this area, awesome. We want to equip you to walk it out for the long haul and help other people do the same. We believe purity is more than having good self-control and obeying a long list of rules. It’s deciding that nothing’s going to hold you  down, nothing’s going to hold you back, and nothing’s going to steal beauty, wonder, and goodness from your life because you’re free to live abundantly.

So no matter where you are on your own personal journey, we’re glad you’re with us. If you’re looking for more information, our website is a great place to start. We have blogposts, resources, videos, podcasts and more for you to check out on on moralrevolution.com.

Thanks for joining us! The Moral Revolution Team

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