Dear Moral Revolution Family: We want to share with you about alarming upcoming legislation in the state of California. There are three upcoming bills concerning same sex attraction and gender identity in children that are very concerning to us.  

If these bills passed, it would be illegal for anyone to sell resources that offer treatment or ministry in order to reduce or eliminate same sex attraction or gender dysphoria.  This includes conferences, counseling, teaching, books, or publications, where money is exchanged for the resource.  Also, children in foster care who expressed gender identity issues would be prohibited from receiving counseling or medical services that encouraged the child to embrace their biological gender.  And, those who are asking for resources to assist with addressing unwanted sexual attractions or gender identities would be prohibited from accessing mental health providers, even if they themselves desire such resources.

As you know, we rarely engage in mobilizing our Moral Revolution audience politically.  However, we feel this issue is one that warrants attention. We at Moral Revolution love and value all people regardless of their faith or how they identify themselves sexually. Simultaneously, we do not feel we can be silent about this as our children and future generations would pay the price.

As Moral Revolution, we have written the state assembly members to lodge our strong opposition to AB 2943, AB 1779, and AB 2119. And, we are now informing you about these bills and providing you with information on how to lodge your opinion, should you so desire. If you feel prompted to engage with this issue alongside of us, you may visit and follow the simple instructions that Bethel Church (Redding, CA) has shared with its church body.  

Please note that these upcoming bills go to vote within a few days, so any letters or calls to the California Assembly in opposition must be received in Sacramento by this coming Tuesday, March 27, 2018.

Thank you for letting us share our heart with you on these issues. Should you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.  

Much love,


Cole & Cait Zick

Moral Revolution Directors

Redding, CA


PS: As a 501(c)3 non-profit, Moral Revolution cannot endorse or advocate for any candidates running for local, state, or national campaigns per IRS guidelines. We are, however, permitted to advocate for or against legislation as well as encouraging people in their civic duties and speak up or vote on particular issues.

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Letter to Assembly Member Blanca E Rubio

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