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Risking the Breakup

Refusing to risk is normally backed by a form of fear: afraid of being rejected and ending up alone, afraid of being seen then declared to be not worth it, afraid of the pain of the breakup, afraid of what others may think, afraid of wasting time, afraid of missing out on someone else. Protecting yourself from this pain by not engaging in relationships doesn’t actually protect you from pain. If anything, it keeps you trapped in it by convincing you that fear is safer than love.

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"I Messed Up... So Now What?" A 3 Step Guide to Cleaning Up Your Mess

Whether it was pushing boundaries with your significant other, or making the decision to look at that website you know you shouldn’t be on, you messed up. So what’s next? How do you not partner with shame? How do you move forward in a healthy way? We totally understand, check out our 3 step guide to cleaning up your mess.

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15 Cheap and Creative Ideas to Update Your Date Night

Let’s be honest, the normal date routine of dinner and a movie can get pretty stale. And whether you’re married with a couple of kids under your belt or college students on your third month of dating... dreaming up ideas to spice it up can be difficult. We get it. So, get out your notebooks and start jotting down these creative, inexpensive ideas to upgrade your date night!

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