Should Girls Ask Guys on Dates?


Ladies, I've been there. You sit next to a cute guy and start up a conversation. You notice he has perfect teeth and he's funny. This is going well. You start talking about what you did over the weekend and you say, "Just hung out with the girls. Yep, no boyfriend though… because I don't have one, because I'm definitely single." He nods his head and tells you about his own weekend. "That sounds fun," you comment, and then reiterate just to make sure, "Yep, there's not a boyfriend in sight. I am on the market. Available… Next Saturday actually." He doesn't seem to be picking up the cues. What does a girl have to do to get a date? These kind of interactions bring us to the question:

"Should girls ask guys on dates?” 

We’ve gotten this question a few times, so we're going to look at some ideas that might help answer it.

First of all, there's a difference between initiation and pursuit. We believe God's innate design is for a man to pursue a woman. God has placed it in a man to be the pursuer and to win the heart of the woman he is attracted to. Sometimes brokenness or past experiences can throw us off this track, but it is in our design. A relationship where the woman is doing all the pursuing will ultimately be unsatisfying for both parties. Men are designed to set their eyes on something valuable and fight for it. Women are designed to respond to the man who is willing to risk it all for her.

What we've seen though, is that many times girls will put the entire weight of initiating and pursuing on men's shoulders, when this isn't necessarily how it has to be.

Ladies, if you see a man you're attracted to who has traits you admire, it's okay to initiate some contact and put yourself in his world. Don't be afraid to show that you're interested. We have a few suggestions for this below, but just be your open and friendly self. It's okay to be authentic to how you're feeling and show that you like him. If he's interested, he will start to show it as well and eventually start to pursue you. If he doesn't, he may just not be interested, and that's okay. You don't want a man who's not interested in you.

So here are few ideas from our team to help break the ice or make the first move. You can use all, some, or none of them, but the idea is to do whatever feels most like you and maybe gets you a little out of your comfort zone:

1. Say hello.

If you pass him, smile at him and say hello rather than looking away. This may not seem like ground-breaking advice for some people, but for those of us who would rather pretend we don’t see that super attractive man passing us in the hallway, this is a big step.

2. Initiate some conversation.

Ask him a question or give him a compliment to break the ice, start going out of your way a little to talk to him, and see what happens. You might even forget how to talk the first couple times (yep, I've been there), but it's okay, you'll figure out how to make sentences again in no time.

3. Invite him to a group hang-out.

Tell him he can bring friends as well. It’s always good to see how people interact in group settings.

4. Ask about relationships and his view on them.

This will at least get you on the subject of dating, and you can get a general idea of where he’s at.

5. Invite him out for coffee.

Coffee does not have to be a big deal. It can be an easy way to get to know someone without the pressure of a full on “date."

6. Ask a friend to set you up.

If there is someone in your life who knows both of you, ask them to help you get connected.

7. Help him get in contact with you.

You can send him a friend request on Facebook, maybe throw a few “likes” or comments on his page, or for the really bold among us, you can slide in a gentle suggestion like: “Here’s my number, if you ever want to use it.”

The main thing we want to say is that no matter where you’re at, you don’t have to feel powerless in your dating life. Being a lady does not mean you have to sit and wait until a handsome gentleman notices you. If you feel stuck, you don’t have to be. If you want to get things moving a little more in your dating life, there are steps you can take. If you try some and they don’t work out, give yourself a high-five for being brave and taking a risk. As always, talk to God about the best steps to take in your dating life. He knows where you’re at and what you need, and He’s always thinking of your best.

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