She's Pregnant, and I'm Not Sure It's Mine.



My friend has been told by a person he had a one night stand with that she’s pregnant with his child. He does not know if it's true or not, but he is not interested in having a relationship with her. I have told him how precious children are to God, according to Psalm 139, and that abortion is murder. Wisdom needed please.



We love your heart for your friend and the difficult situation he is in. Thank you so much for seeking wisdom in order to help him! As you have not asked a specific question, we are not sure entirely what you would like us to focus on. You mentioned one-night-stands, unplanned pregnancy, relationship and abortion, which are all very big topics.

It is obviously very important that your friend, first and foremost, finds out if the girl he had a one-night stand with is actually pregnant. If she is not pregnant then, of course, the responsibility is no longer his. However, if she is in fact pregnant, then he has some serious choices to make. You said that he is not interested in having relationship with her, but if she is carrying his child then he is undoubtedly responsible for that and will be in parental relationship with the child's mother.

We would suggest that you be careful with how involved you are in the process. We completely understand that your friend may need to process his thoughts and pain with you, but be careful not to throw scripture at him or use harsh sentences like, “abortion is murder.” He honestly might just need you to listen and support him through all that he is going through. As each challenge arises, do not be afraid to give your opinion or your beliefs if he asks for it, but make sure he feels loved and valued by you in the process.

We bless you as you help your friend and we encourage you to email us again if you have a specific question that we can help you with.