The Big Brain Theory



In a world where people who identify as LGBT we are surrounded by all sorts of media carnage and it’s hard to pick the meat from the bones. Scientists have not found evidence that people were born gay or that there is a gay gene. The thought that all people choose to be gay is a little naive and somewhat insensitive. We want to look at the possibility that experience shapes people’s gender orientation. Here’s some thoughts to consider.

Did you know that your brain is your biggest sex organ? Did you know that, man or woman, when you get aroused, or sexually stimulated then chemicals flood your brain that tell you, “This feels great! Let’s do this again!” Let’s break this down for a minute, though. Your brain, though highly intelligent, is still grey matter. It’s still lump of flesh. So your humanness is made up of body, soul and spirit designed for all to work together to ensure that your brain works for you, not against you.

You might be thinking, “what’s this got to do with anything?” Well, here it is. I’m going to present a few statements followed by a few questions, solely for the purpose of encouraging you to think for yourself. You may be looking for answers, but sometimes more questions are needed for the answers to be found. Here we go!

Every time you experience something new, a synapse (connection) in your brain occurs. In order for that synapse to become permanent, you need to repeat that experience/fact several times. (What happens to the effeminate young boy branded as ‘gay’ by his peers and his family? How many times does he need to hear that he is gay for his brain synapses to reroute and for him to begin to identify with what they’re saying? What about the little girl who was repeatedly molested by another woman? How many times did this happen before she accepted it as factual information?)

Your first sexual experiences generally tend to be the basis for your fundamental beliefs about sex and sexuality. These beliefs can be formed through negative or positive experiences.

Whatever you get sexually aroused to is what will remain the main thing that will ‘do it’ for you. (Maybe the boy thought he would see if he was really gay and his first kiss was with a man. What if his body registered the kiss as arousing, but his eyes were seeing the man and bonding to that experience? What about the little girl who was molested by a woman but at the same time was being stimulated and aroused? Her first sexual arousal was with a woman. Who is she likely to bond to?)

In order for humans to thrive, they have some basic physical needs. They also have soul needs. Intimacy is a soul need. Sex is not a need [for an individual to thrive]. (What if that little boy became a young man that needed a close guy friend, someone who he could share his heart with and somebody who would fully know him - but he could only ever find men who wanted to share their bodies, not their hearts? What if that girl really wanted to be in a heterosexual relationship, but was only aroused by women?)

Remember we are in a war for peoples’ souls. Let’s remember who the real enemy is.

-- Aimee Greig (Intern)