Looking For Love FAQ



How do I start to value myself and stop having sex with people to feel loved?


The Team's Answer


This is a very real, valuable question. We're going to cover a couple different things to answer it. The first one is recognizing what's in your God spot. Where are you getting your identity? The way God designed family is for all of us to first learn we are worthy of love from our parents. He wanted all of us to first experience unconditional love from them. He wanted them to be the first ones to pass identity on to us. We realize that not everyone was given the gift of being born into a loving family, and we want to you to know that you can still learn these things, and God desires to come through and redeem everything that may have been missing or stolen from you in your childhood.

When you grow up, God eventually becomes your source instead of your parents. He wants to become your source for identity, direction, protection, comfort, unconditional love, healing, etc. When you put something else in this spot that belongs to God, you start getting yourself into trouble. You might start feeling anxious or insecure. Girls are often asking, "Am I beautiful? Am I desirable?" Guys are usually asking, "Do I have what it takes?" You have to go to God and ask Him these questions. If you don't, you'll look for men or women to validate you instead of God.

If God is your source of security, even when you start feeling insecure, you're safe. God comes in and says, "Hey, do you remember who you are?" He reminds you of what He says about you. Other people can affirm you or compliment you, but that shouldn't give you your identity. What people say to you should only be a reflection of what God's already said to you. 

Having healthy relationships with people starts with having a healthy relationship with God and letting Him meet your needs for identity, direction, protection, unconditional love, comfort, and security. When there is a missing piece in your relationship with God, you will always seek man to fill it. Any time you violate your conscience, you have a need wanting to be met. If you're sleeping around with guys, it might not be that you just have a really high sex drive. If you keep looking at porn, it might not be just because you're bored. You might be using these things to medicate your pain or exhaustion. Figure out what your need is, and go get it met in a healthy way.

When all your needs are met, purity becomes a fair fight.

The second thing we're going to talk about is self-awareness. Self awareness is the ability to know what's going on inside of you at all times. Seventy percent of what's going on in your brain, you're not actually aware of. Self-awareness is taking what's going on in your subconscious realm and bringing it to your conscious realm.

Here are a couple things you can do to learn to be self-aware:

1. Write questions on your mirror like, "How are you today? How do you feel?"

2. Put reminders in your phone that say: "How's your heart? What do you need today? How did you do today?"

If you wake up in the morning and realize you're judging yourself in the mirror, you can recognize those feelings and think, "Oh man, I'm feeling insecure. I better not leave the house feeling insecure or ugly." Then, instead of violating your conscience, you can fix what's going on inside of you early on. You can even get help from someone else if you need to.

These are a just couple basic steps to help you become self-aware and understand your feelings. Feelings don't actually have any moral value. Following them is not always going to lead you down the path God is asking you to walk. What you feel is just a sign of how you're really doing. When a feeling comes up, evaluate: "Is this a good feeling? Am I feeling overwhelmed? Why?" Feelings are critical on our journey of self awareness. Catching them early and working things out helps keep us free.

Keeping God in your God spot and practicing self-awareness are two major tools to help you value yourself and keep from violating your conscience. Remember, in Christ, you are a new creation. Old habits and patterns do not dictate your life anymore. Learn to be aware of what's going inside of you and get the questions of your heart answered by the Father who loves you and created you. His answer is always loving and it's the one that really matters.