I'm A Christian With A Sex Drive


With God and A Sex Drive

I’m a Christian with a sex drive.

Growing up, I believed the highest form of piety was giving up your sex drive... Completely! To never look at anyone of the opposite, or the Lord forbid.

I’m a Christian with a sex drive.

So many times I would feel conflicted because I thought I was going against the will of God by having these strange desires.

I’m a Christian with a sex drive.

My friends still get surprised when I express any form of interest in anyone. They look at me strange and ask me if I’m even allowed to feel that way.

I’m a Christian with a sex drive.

And it’s a strong sex drive. Sure there are some who are called to a life of celibacy, and I believe the Lord blesses that. Like the Apostle Paul, Mother Theresa and any of the Popes, but not me.

I swear my sex drive could probably move mountains!

In fact, I’d probably hike a mountain if that meant I could spend some time with a beautiful girl on the other side. Oh, get your mind out of the gutter...

I'm a Christian with a sex drive.

But that’s it! Wouldn't god give us something so intricate and powerful, like a sex drive, so we wouldn't be afraid to pursue the opposite sex? I mean aren't we all naturally intimidated by people we find attractive? At least, I am.

I’m a Christian with a sex drive.

And I want to stop feeling ashamed about it. Not when I’m married… NOW!

There’s has to be a place in the Church where I am able to express my needs and find guidance.

There has to be some sort of instruction for the home, that doesn't just default to using a condom or birth control.

I’m a Christian with a sex drive.

And sex is not bad. God made it. God isn't scared of it. He just wants us to experience it in the confounds of marriage. Could you imagine being Adam in the garden experiencing sex for the first time?All of him, fully expressed, and revealed to this new creature God created for him, Eve. How easy it would have been for him to lose himself if there were others before him? Or even after?

I’m a Christian with a sex drive.

It’s real. It's alive. It’s aggressive, and I have to manage it like everyone else. Don’t be fooled. Don’t tell me it’s just harder for you.

Because I have a sex drive, too!



- The Intern with a Sex Drive