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15 Cheap and Creative Ideas to Update Your Date Night

Let’s be honest, the normal date routine of dinner and a movie can get pretty stale. And whether you’re married with a couple of kids under your belt or college students on your third month of dating... dreaming up ideas to spice it up can be difficult. We get it. So, get out your notebooks and start jotting down these creative, inexpensive ideas to upgrade your date night!

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6 Ways to Catch the Man of God You've Been Waiting For

Our society seems to dictate that men pursue women and not the other way around. This can create a pretty powerless culture for the girls who want to date and eventually be married but aren’t being pursued. I’ve heard countless women tell me how painful of a process it is to work on yourself, be ready to date, and still sit around waiting for your faith-filled Prince Charming to come along. Here are some practical steps you can take towards finding the man you’ve been waiting for.

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To All The Nice Guys Finishing Last

I know you’re the nice guy, but you’re not really getting what you want out of relationships and no one really knows (or perhaps has said) why. While I know tons of people less prepared or qualified who have entered into a relationship and even marriage, I've also found a few beliefs or hard truths that have kept many nice guys’ process from being as smooth as it could have been.

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