5 Guys You Should Never Date




So we've all had our fair share of scheming, sketchy exes. You know, those people you run into 5 years later and thank God you got out when you could. But why do we date those people? And how can we avoid making the same mistakes? For the sake of all humanity, or maybe just us single ladies, our team came up with a list of 5 Guys You Should Never Date.


1. Mr. Mad Man

"I don't know why I always seem to lose control. I'm working on it. Just bear with me... I'll change."

He may or may not change, but that's not your problem. No one wants to be in a relationship with someone who can't control their temper.

Managing your emotions is a sign of maturity, and should not be ignored.

Sometimes we get into these relationships unexpectedly because he can handle small disputes. Then we rush to commitment without actually handling any real conflict. The best way to avoid the Mr. Mad Man is to give the relationship time. Try not to snuff rising disagreements, and learn to celebrate your differences instead.

2. Mr. Mama's Boy 

"I really don't do my own laundry... or my own taxes."

Loving your Mom is cute, but there comes a time in every man's life where he has to leave the nest. It's true, how a man treats his mom is a clue to how they will treat you, but he shouldn't come to depend on his mother at the end of the day.

He needs to break up with his mom before he starts dating you.

You need two powerful people in a relationship for it to work well. If only one of you can have the power at a time then you should really reconsider whether or not you're being his girlfriend or his new mom.

3. Mr. Chronic Complainer

"Do we have to? This is really stupid."

Complaining is a passive way of letting people know your wants, needs, expectations, and desires. It's one thing to complain about a messed-up order or waiting in line, but to complain all the time...


If you're dating a Mr. Chronic Complainer, sometimes making them aware of their behavior solves nothing. In fact, if you bring it up he'll probably just find a way to complain about you!

To avoid the Mr. Chronic Complainer find ways to establish short and long-term goals in your relationship. Be open about your wants, needs, expectations, and desires. The next time your man tries to complain, allow them to be honest and upfront with phrases like: "What do you really want?", "Can you just be honest with me?", and "I'm for you, just help me understand what you need."

4. Mr. Why Bother

"I don't feel like it. Why don't you do it?"

Being motivated is more than just going after what you want. It means being able to make tough choices because you have a vision for your life and your relationships. Mr. Why Bother is incapable of just that. Most of time, he just puts down others who seem to be going places; all in an effort to down-play their own complacent behavior.

It's a trap!

Do not get caught up! The best way to avoid Mr. Why Bother is to get moving! Find reasons to get up and go after your own dreams. Nothing scares complacent people more than someone who's motivated.

5. Mr. Playa'

"Don't hate the player, hate the game."

Wrong! Anyone who refers to a relationship as a game should be shunned.

Why you say? It's because it's easy to love Mr. Playa'. He's smooth, easy to talk to, funny, charming, and smells great. He's someone you can take back to your friends and family, and they either think he's a catch... OR they swear he's a wolf in sheep's clothing. Yet, we ignore the latter.

Yes, you have permission to date beautiful people...

but you should never sacrifice the wisdom of your friends and family on the altar of self gratification. Period!  The best way to avoid the Mr. Playa' is to stop ignoring the people God has so graciously placed into your life.

If you have any of your own dating advice, tips, or dilemmas, then feel free to leave a comment below. Our team would love to give you some feedback. By the way, we know we missed a few so stay tuned!